Ali Tmall TV box box 1s upgrade to Foxconn OEM


text / Sohu IT Ren

Ali earlier involved in intelligent hardware products through Tmall’s box of the TV box products, today the hardware re invention that Ali has now upgraded to the second generation products, named 1s.

in addition to the product itself, the second generation of Tmall’s box with the first generation of the biggest difference is that the first generation is jointly built by TCL, SKYWORTH, Zhuhai Meiko electronics, is that several of the second generation products OEM; Ali selected by Foxconn OEM, Ali control more closely.

upgrade is known to be the appearance of a redesign, said to be involved in the design and production of Foxconn iPhone 5 production team. At the same time joined the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz dual frequency WiFi signal support; remote control also has the infrared remote control to 2.4GHz based RF remote control.

The use of

radio remote control Ali contains aspects of the layout of the smart home thinking, because the remote control device based on 2.4GHz can be directly connected to the WiFi network for control, and mobile terminals.

The first generation Tmall

products in the box is the number of China’s video resources, and the integration of electricity supplier in the living room, only a Juhuasuan purchase page, two on behalf of the system which will be a big change, but there is no detailed information.