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, Assistant Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan announced in April 2016 2015, China’s rural electricity supplier scale reached 783 billion 500 million yuan, of which online shopping transaction volume 353 billion, an increase of 96%, higher than the growth rate of the domestic online shopping market, in a period of rapid development. It is worth noting that, Mr. Wang Bingnan also pointed out that the rural electricity supplier current market penetration is low, the degree of penetration from high to low is electricity, rural consumption of electricity, agricultural products, the rural electricity supplier penetration rate is only 7%, lower than the average level of society 10.8%.

maybe you will be spending so much data around the eyes, calm down, found on the information you will carefully, this is in fact to you — and with the rural electricity supplier attractive market prospects, and the market is not saturated, instead of the low permeability, to excavate and develop further. In other words, there is a great opportunity in this market, and is full of infinite possibilities.


early bird catches the worm, Ali Jingdong have cut into the market

as the saying goes "the early bird catches the worm", such as the Alibaba "Chimura Wanxian" plan, spending tens of billions to build the rural strategy project of rural Jingdong Taobao, "a county center" and help Jingdong complementary, Suning 15000 "" 5 years of service within the planning station, Amoy affordable "the county economy from the Internet ecosystem"… Many well-known electricity supplier has been aimed at the rural electricity supplier this potential size of over one trillion yuan cake, continue to accelerate its way to the countryside.

Fang Weijun will be based on their own as a creative professional software developers, Internet O2O system vendor perspective, from the following several modes of rural business platform has representative for all inventory, and the number of start-up researchers study and reference.

Alibaba – rural Taobao

is a strategic project of the Taobao group in rural areas, designed to serve farmers, innovative agriculture, so that the countryside becomes better. Ali plans to invest billions of dollars in 3-5 years, the establishment of 1000 county-level service centers and 100 thousand village service station. So what is the concept of rural Taobao in the end what is the difference between ordinary electricity supplier and


rural Taobao can use the five one to sum up: a village center, a dedicated cable, a computer, a large screen, a group of trained technicians. In the form of rural Taobao, shop owner is the village of the villagers.

In short,

, Ali will shop located in the rural township / in the large flow of people the villagers gathered, the laying of lines on the distribution network, computer and other equipment, equipped with commodity transactions, published by the information publicity screen. Then, each entity shop equipped with professional training of management and technical personnel, to help the villagers users are not familiar with the Internet to complete a series of purchase and payment behavior, in this way to drive more people to participate in. "Every"