Electricity providers have to go out firm foothold still needs time

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recently, Jingdong mall announced to enter the Russian market. In fact, in driving domestic good policy, as the Jingdong and Alibaba, dragon network mall, and many other domestic electricity providers are speeding up the pace of "going out". Electricity supplier in China go out of the army, the giants rushed in front.

Jingdong, for example, the first step into the Russian market Jingdong mall is open Russian web. At the same time, Jingdong mall in Russia and logistics operators SPSRExpress signed a cooperation agreement, and is ready to work with other courier companies to develop their own delivery base. Equally optimistic about the Russian market Alibaba in Russia now has a good cloth Bureau, Alibaba group board chairman Ma Yun said that in entering Russia for 3 years, there are Alibaba aliexpress users Russia throughout the country, aliexpress will not only Chinese delivery of goods to Russia, with Russia’s indigenous manufacturers of cooperation.

also in the United States, the pace of investment in the electricity supplier is also remarkable China. Not long ago, Alibaba group announced a $56 million purchase of the United States and the United States with the category of electricity supplier Zulily shares of class A shares of 4 million 800 thousand. In the industry view, Alibaba and Zulily marriage will bring a win-win situation: on the one hand to help accelerate the pace of Alibaba to enter the U.S. market, on the other hand, also help Zulily enter the Asian market.


from the third party market research institutions the latest data show that 147 domestic appliance business platform has 46% businesses have been carried out overseas operations, 34% businesses are planning to enter the overseas market, the domestic electricity supplier to open up overseas is accelerating the pace of.

industry insiders said that the domestic electricity supplier going out to accelerate the pace of the formation of a new growth point of foreign trade, promote the "made in China" is of great significance.

long term interest in the development of e-commerce media consulting CEO Zhang Yi said that Russia, Brazil and other emerging market countries, China’s electricity supplier is becoming the focus of the development of the new blue ocean". The rapid increase in the rate of Internet penetration in these countries, but the local electricity supplier is relatively weak, giving the opportunity to enter the market of overseas electronic business platform.

and favorable policy level, but also to promote the domestic electricity supplier to accelerate the pace of going out. In the background of "The Belt and Road" national strategy, the general office of the State Council issued the day before the "guidance" on promoting the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce health made it clear that support domestic enterprises to develop foreign trade by e-commerce, encourage powerful enterprises bigger and stronger, from the optimization of customs supervision to provide financial support that gives policy support.

However, the

"sea" of the road is not China electricity supplier in overseas Everything is going smoothly., although it has achieved some success, but to continue to become bigger and stronger, the payment and delivery system is the key to success, other factors of language communication, cultural differences also affect the Chinese can gain a foothold in overseas business".