Professional, industry site more popular

recently received a lot of friends, asked whether there is no industry category, professional website to sell information. At present, the industry category, professional website, become the mainstream, is also very valuable. More buyers. Every day there are people in the industry for the class website, the love is at about 1000 IP, the search did not seal, complete procedures, PR in more than 4 of the site.

analysis of the main reasons are as follows:

personal webmaster do industry website, flow easy to do. Low cost, low bid.

individual owners of the industry class website, less profit opportunities, after the commercialization of revenue and earnings increased significantly, many commercial companies fancy.

industry websites for small flow, occupied by the cyber source less than music, Download class, get a lot of servers, and business class manager, not familiar with the network server, not familiar with the. Better grasp of the user.

a kind of industry website, up to 2000-3000 IP, a lot of it is just the page and membership system, management is more convenient, and after the packaging of the enterprise, the rapid appreciation of many times.

is also an important reason, at present a lot of industries, enterprises, they still do not have a website, if all re started, great cost, direct purchase of 1.5 products, omitted many costs, and can directly involved in the profitable step. More suitable for business operation appetite.

but regret ah: personal webmaster, music, novels, QQ, gossip website is very much, the industry is very small.

everybody cheer.