The challenge of new media site Buzzfeed to the ceiling, sick shock PO

Abstract: just get out from a "delete" storm in Buzzfeed yesterday announced plans to start IPO process. This is regarded as a barometer of the emerging media sites, not pure angel, is not a bastard, but it is a start in less than ten years, the growing youth new media.


BuzzFeed founder ·

Paley Dili Jonathan;

‘s top emerging media site Buzzfeed plans to go public. CEO ·, founder of Jonathan; editor in chief of the emperor and Pere · Smith on Wednesday (U.S. time 27) held in his famous technology blog Re/code annual Code Conference, the famous red chair Dr. Mo in the announcement.

the company’s listing has long been expected. It has been from the simple integration, the beginning of the funny cat and dog list for the development of a series of massive video and have almost the full range of serious hard news leading content sites, relying on Facebook as a powerful social platform, the rapid development of Buzzfeed. In the most popular Facebook (forwarding, the highest number of comments) on the site’s ranking is always among the best. Although in this list, it is a severe challenge: Playbuzz, in the first half of the year before handing over the throne, in second place, but its size and influence, in the original news site is still beyond the reach of others.

this is seen by some as the title of the party website, news website virus new media game player, what will bring new meaning to the capital market? The new media observers Wang Wubin once in its influential comments "why media sites valuation is generally not high?" in the prediction of $2 billion is the media website the ceiling. Special discussion Buzzfeed. Before long, we have a chance to see if Wall Street investors are as cautious and conservative as Wang Wubin.

, however, there are many prospects for the shadow of Buzzfeed. In its just a huge storm. On the occasion of the month announced the listing plan, to the surprise of many.

Buzzfeed is regarded as a new media editor in chief of the · benchmark, the two critical reports; delete Smith not long ago, two articles criticizing objects are behind the Buzzfeed’s big advertisers, a Unilever, a Pepsi group. In April, the media revealed that the two critical reports are removed in the advertiser’s pressure, and domestic human ShanTie paid or similar shantie.

it’s nothing at all in the eyes of many people. However, this happened in the very influential new media Buzzfeed, can actually lead.