Network transmission Street Library Network CEO absconding the abolition of all employees officially

July 30th news, recently broke the news that micro-blog O2O business street library network CEO Pan Qiuhui swept away all the investment, the abolition of all employees. Moreover, if employees do not sign the Severance Agreement, compensation and 6 – July salary will not be a single.

news, TechWeb first time to contact the street library network and other HR department staff said the company has to work, and can be called President second days to contact the company for confirmation, and repeatedly stressed the outside rumors untrue. But when the TechWeb in July 30th from ten in the morning to three o’clock PM repeatedly linked with the street library network, the front desk of the other parties, said the president has not yet to work".

street library network is a O2O business community integrated platform, the main members of the online payment order and the next line store consumer experience. According to official data show street library network, to 2013, the National Street Library network coverage has exceeded 30, with 100 thousand to 200 thousand of the league’s business, the annual consumption amounted to 40 billion.

Street Library official refused to respond to

It is reported that in the

, micro-blog broke the news @ and Internet scum fight is street library network of former employees. According to the micro-blog Street Library in July 26th broke the news, remove all the staff, 6 wages and compensation in July are not, and in preparation for the July 29th "empty".

for this reason, TechWeb visited the office of the street network in Beijing. In this office is located in the four floor of the office in Zhongguancun, you can see the company’s front desk and office there are people around 10 o’clock there are employees rushed to the company credit card work. Moreover, according to the daily street to the library staff to send milk milk workers and office staff, the company’s employees are still working.

but when we to the street network of front companies that had come and verify the true and false rumors was clearly rejected. When asked whether you can contact the company’s marketing or public relations department, the other party will answer "no", and said, "you want to ask what we have not."

street network official micro-blog has stopped more than 5 days

is now open to the official micro-blog, can see the last micro-blog release time just to stay in the rumors of layoffs the day before. Prior to this, micro-blog almost every day on the streets of the library will be updated.

in addition, street network is now the official link on micro-blog micro-blog leader named @ Dangdang when the door of happiness, head for the film "the pursuit of happyness". From the micro-blog’s photo album can be seen, this new avatar was updated in July 26th, before the user’s head is the street library CEO Pan Qiuhui’s avatar. Currently, the micro-blog has closed the micro-blog comment function.

merchant said Street Library Network coupons can still use