Where is the survival of small sites

people have doubts, in the Internet 2 era, the development of small websites will fall into a new dilemma, especially the development of personal blog and podcast took too much of the limelight, so small site is not really there is no development of the soil? In this regard, we observe on the contrary, we believe that the site is not small development space, in contrast to this personalized Internet era, have small website. Of course, as this is based on the sensitive grasp of the market, and timely adjust their strategy, really provide the most convenient guide service for the majority of Internet users, so that it can be a blaze a trail.


WEB2.0 era, the development of network brings new changes to the site, this change is not a simple network early development mode, need to update the innovation and derivative service, if it is the early web development model simply does not have much space, but only under the final exit network stage. So, in this new era of network, the development of small space website how? What is their real focus? We observed that most of the daily flow of small sites is less than 1 million, they rely on what they survive, or what is the survival foundation of


we found some small sites relying on its technical characteristics, for technical services, in the development of innumerable small sites in the hard work out of a new road. For example, recently, I and mom in net cooperation, cooperation with Kang Sheng (discuz Forum), is also a small website, the net model of development is worth thinking, to study, why can he be favored? We observed that this small site is free online generation of logo, banner, nearly 2000 template selection. Including Banner production, Logo production, energy-saving, QQ desk, mailbox icon making etc..


technology is very advanced? I believe many people are not recognized, but I insist on doing this is expanded, and has been recognized by everyone, not just some of the network customers, but also received a large number of Internet users. It is reported that, at present, the production site million times, with more than 50 thousand users, and by the webmaster of each recommendation, the website also provides many specialized special service website, apparently caught the head of the support, a decisive role for the development of our net. It can be seen that this is a kind of personalized development, especially this model, this technology is currently the only one in the service, no competitors, naturally easy to get personal owners like and chase. As we all know, now is a blog era, many users like to dress up their own blog, where they can find some skills and services they need.

The development of small

website if you can effectively seize the vast number of users of the heart, that is to find a shortcut, we see the development of the original thunder is trueas, because the thunderbolt technology let you recognized, he offered his services to get everyone’s love of nature, you can quickly grow.