Webmaster network broadcast the world’s largest BT site off the road NetEase CEO Tang Yan Street

1 the country’s largest online gambling case involving the amount of shrink from 1 trillion to 490 million  

9 illegal profits of $689 million, involving more than 1 trillion yuan……" In April this year, Wenzhou Longwan district police informed the case of a large network of gambling, there has been such an amazing astronomical figures.

this is known as the country’s largest online gambling case, originally planned yesterday in Wenzhou Longwan District Court public hearing.

was transferred to the court for a total of 22 defendants, because the case influence and attention, the main defendant hired the basic is the province’s top lawyers, including at least lawyers, Hangzhou Lawyers Association, Taizhou Lawyers Association, the Wenzhou Lawyers Association punishment committee director, there are two defense lawyers is the director of the Province of only two professional criminal defense lawyer firm, called luxury lawyers.

2 the world’s largest BT site offline: Pirate Bay was a Swedish police search  

Beijing time on December 10th morning news, a popular file sharing website the Pirate Bay Tuesday off the assembly line, the server and the website of the computer that day was the Swedish police. Pirate Bay is alleged to be the world’s largest BT site.

Tuesday morning, the pirate bay website cannot be accessed. The same day, the Swedish police on the grounds of copyright infringement search a server room in Stockholm. In addition to file sharing services, the Suprbay.org version of the Pirate Bay has also been offline.

, the Swedish prosecutor Frederic · Brad (Fredrik Ingblad); Inge said: "there are many police officials and digital forensics experts. The search continued from morning till afternoon. Multiple servers and computers were seized, but I can not disclose specific figures."

3 play rice for four months: the age of 3 years old students, "" domain name career  

news December 9th, now, more and more college students have joined the ranks of the investment domain, including some fun domain name ring student Menon, when most beginners also did not enter the domain name muddle along without any aim, the investment community for more than 4 months of domain name in the domain name, ask lovers feel, investment sector is already run into a small world he played awfully.

: regardless of the weather different college lifeWhat were you doing when

a? Playing clubs, playing games, or to Curve Wrecker diligently in the road? Asked the college life may feel like most people are not the same, and with an adventurous personality, he decided at the same time it embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Perhaps the family business atmosphere, at the beginning of high school, he would start a career first business of selling books, only a week to earn more than 3 thousand. He said he liked doing business because