Where network storm,.CN domain name belong to

I just focus on.COM (a total of 3.COM, but because of the domain name) before accidentally registered a domain name word Speak.org.cn, so I had to stare at it jumpy. There are a lot of people like me. Oh, I hate eternal…

(1).CN completely reverted to China unique domain name. Today on GoDaddy.com, it has canceled the.CN domain name registration business, including.Net.cn,.Org.cn. It turned out that China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has recently begun to close all foreign.CN domain name registration interface. Later confirmed that other foreign well-known domain name registrar has also.CN domain name under the shelf. So far,.CN domain name has been completely reduced to China’s own unique!

(2).CN domain name and personal fate. Individuals are prohibited to register.CN, and today, the legend, all registered in December 14, 2009 before the.CN domain name should also be submitted to the Registrar of the official seal of the written identification materials, including business license, etc.. The fact is that now the domestic domain name has begun to act, such as: Internet era, business China, 22 and so on. If so, my Speak.org.cn word domain can only obediently die.

.CN domain from the overnight rise suddenly, overnight to instantly decline, so dramatic, believe in also can occur only in the great china. This can not help but feel surprised, feel lost, depressed, angry…

, however, because the international top-level domain.COM,.NET, ORG and INFO dominated for U.S. imperialism so the domestic authorities now often inaccessible. However, the legend of the country more than 85% of the "yellow, gambling and drugs such as illegal website domain name and space are transferred to the outside, so the relevant departments, although temporarily helpless (only found a banned one), but not willing to give up, do not underestimate their ability, they believe that" study on the countermeasures are:

(1) is very likely that those more well-known foreign domain name registrar, space providers will be banned. For example, the United States GoDaddy.com and IXWebhosting.com both took the opportunity to send the national wealth guy might die because they pioneered the use of domestic Alipay, and the latter even launched a Chinese official website (the Spring Festival), even also will begin to provide Chinese customer service. Because it hosted numerous sites, including some illegal site. Many foreign businesses cannot all be simply banned, because that would have caused outrage in the international community, but can be targeted to kill several typical, so-called "tipping point" strategy, is also called kill a chicken to scare the monkey.