Government website for the first time physical examination 16049 shut down

16049 sites shut down on the move (site shut down, the contents of the higher authorities moved to the government website), the 421 sites due to serious problems, the rectification is not in place and other reasons were notified, a few serious problems grassroots website.

Beijing News yesterday, the State Office announced "on the first national government website survey report" (hereinafter referred to as the "bulletin"), through the census, 16049 websites shut down up (the site shut down, moved to the higher authority government website content), 421 sites have been informed by the problem is serious, the rectification is not in place and other reasons a serious problem, grassroots website.

it is understood that the census to find out the basic national government website base, as of November 2015, all localities and departments set up a total of 84094 government websites. As of the end of November census, the normal operation of a total of 66453 government websites.

overall sampling pass rate of 90.8%, the bottom of Xinjiang

checks, the national government website overall pass rate of 90.8%.

from the vertical perspective, the departments of the State Council and its internal mechanism, vertical management of government websites, the overall pass rate is higher, in addition to the Bureau of statistics and the post office two departments vertical management agency website problems failed checks and other departments of the passing rate was 100%.

provincial government portal pass rate of 100%, the city, the county government portal pass rate of more than 95%, other government websites pass rate of more than 80%.

from the geographical point of view, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, the Hunan government website qualified rate of more than 95%, Shanxi, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Yunnan, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps government website is less than 85%.

in the 32 regions, the lowest passing rate for Xinjiang, a sample of 127 sites, 27 unqualified, the qualified rate is 78.74%; ranked second in Tibet, a sample of 29 sites, 6 qualified, a pass rate of 79.31%.

Beijing qualified rate topped 2 websites will rectification

in 32 regions, Beijing spot checks pass rate of 97.10%, ranking first. Beijing, the total number of running the site was 1065, the spot checks of 69, there are 2 unqualified, is one of the least qualified provinces.

Beijing two "the list" of government websites are "Mentougou army Town People’s government" and "Beijing City, Tongzhou District development and Reform Commission".

According to the relevant person in charge of the office of the Beijing municipal government, the main problem is that these two sites are not updated information in a timely manner in the sampling period is not updated in time

. It is not to shut down, will require its rectification in accordance with the State Council, the relevant requirements, the rectification of qualified sites on time and quality.

the person in charge, Beijing is one of the few census workers