The domain name in the passing traveler and his master Suzhou play by M

1 three hybrid domain, sold about one hundred thousand, a message, domain name forum instant fryer, also let the contributors to this transaction Suzhou traveler immediately became headline figures in hundreds of replies, praise, congratulations to the majority, but also with the voices of doubt not less. Facing the truth how to tattle and prate, and our brother Suzhou traveler said




: Suzhou traveler

domain name outside Kung Fu

The success of the transaction

a domain name, in the eyes of other people will always see only the domain name of the price, can only lament their envy hate beside envy, but ignore the domain name behind the transaction, the seller’s efforts, the Kung fu.

in 2003, graduated from English major Suzhou traveler, did not choose to find a professional counterparts in the work, and with the interests of the network, established the first company in Taizhou City three hundred and sixty-five night Information Technology Co. Ltd. ", he registered at the University during the life of the first domain name, enabled, he opened a webmaster the occupation career.

During the period of

, and have the senior traveler Suzhou domainers, night guard in front of the computer, crazy that has not been registered at the good domain name, and successfully registered the "quilt", "," chance "bear", "beer", "the frog",, "encoding" a large number of good domain name.

however, although the contact domain name very early, and with a large number of high-quality domain, also has broken some domain name investment, but until the end of 2012, Suzhou traveler is officially entered the ring domain. Prior to the opening of the company to do the experience accumulated by the owners naturally for him now and the terminal has played a very important role in negotiations, he is in the domain name of the effort.


has many years of experience of website operation, Suzhou traveler can be a very good grasp of user psychology, know what they want and need, and buyers become friends, the opportunity to greatly increase the turnover of nature. For example, the domain name in the forum was discussed at most, Suzhou traveler had and buyers in the website optimization, design promotion has made a lot of discussion, a lot of constructive advice, often talk for hours, just chat reached dozens of hundreds of pages. These are the domain name can clinch a deal, and sell a good price is one of the important reasons, but also a lot of rice farmers do not see behind the pay.

of course, many growers are actually not like Suzhou has rich domain outside the guest experience, in this regard, Suzhou.