E-commerce 5 popular trends the site for mobile optimization

Beijing on July 11th news, according to foreign media reports, Litle& Co, a payment processing and information platform for service providers, will build a more efficient and profitable relationship between digital consumers and their favorite brand, which may promote a series of changes of electronic commerce.

online shopping continues to grow in the number of consumers. Online retail sales are expected to reach $224 billion 200 million this year. This is dependent on the Internet for a new round of Commerce, e-commerce is not for commercial entity brings opportunity to make a lot of money, is a death knell for these enterprises. The market is changing, enterprises must adapt to survive. The following is a description of the direction of the development of e-commerce online shopping 5 trends, as well as some will allow businesses and consumers to better swim in the retail network insights and strategies.

1, unusual or popular product

The success of

Etsy and online sales of self promotion artists can be attributed to the fact that it is difficult to find a similar job elsewhere. Competition for these products is based on personality and aesthetics rather than price. In fact, this product is generally not recommended price competition, because the creation of personal work takes time and skills. It is important to build a brand and quality, which in turn can boost demand.

on the other hand, some public goods such as consumer electronics, mainstream tools and other equipment, personal online sales of these products generally have little success, even if there are some of the most popular online selling commodities, because consumers more love to the Amazon and other large retailers buy network. However, by combining with large retailers, some individuals or small businesses have achieved success. Lifeproof, a waterproof and shockproof iPhone shell, it is because of cooperation with best buy, it penetrated into the mainstream customer base, and after its only a small minority of goods.

2, the third party e-commerce website provider

in order to meet the needs of the establishment of functional and attractive e-commerce sites, third party e-commerce service providers to facilitate the construction and maintenance of the site to attract enterprises to join. Currently, the two most popular e-commerce site service providers are Volusion and Shopify. Volusion does not charge transaction fees for the sale of the goods, but to provide simple, stratified monthly plan. Volusion also offers web site tutoring and 14 day free trial for gold class members.

Shopify only unlimited membership fees charged, but allowed to sell through the Amazon, and without additional fees to provide SSL certification. Shopify expects its business customers to double its sales this year than last year.

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(and other popular e-commerce site suppliers) comparison of these benefits, you may need to write an article, but simply said, they do not want their management for e-commerce store technology enterprise provides the choice. < >