Stationmaster net broadcast Alipay vulnerabilities exist 2015 nternet pop beat to death to marry

The new progress of

1 certification loopholes: the official said Alipay will add a reminder to  

recently, there are users in the micro-blog platform such as Alipay reflect the existence of a serious loophole in the real name authentication: users unknowingly, actually certified account is bound 5 strange sub account. Specific reference to Lei Feng news: new progress: the official said Alipay certification loopholes will add notification.

is due to internal staff leaked information and external hacker attacks led Alipay denied?.

for the associated account, Alipay staff said, will increase the notice related certification success reminder.

18:00 October 11th, Alipay administrative micro-blog released information that has been carried out on a Alipay certified account verification system, emergency according to the identity information leak as a risk assessment of possible abnormal Association certification account for the release of. However, due to the system may exist in the judgment of some of the few omissions, if individual users find themselves under the account or the presence of abnormal association, the customer service staff can help lift the associated account.

2 in order to maintain the first Ctrip to the former enemy also introduced its own platform  

free from the tourist resort business Ctrip in business in July this year launched an open platform, at present, with the tour, free travel, cruise, tickets, local fun, pushing customization, study tours and other tourist resort business Ctrip have been implemented platform.

The interface of

news from Ctrip PR department to know, Ctrip tourism channel has changed from relying mainly on their own products procurement, marketing, development agent at the same time other travel agency marketing products, where competitors increasingly close to the mode of the net.

to start the business platform where the network was set up in 2014, the holiday business, the rapid development of its tourism vacation business. According to where the network in the fourth quarter earnings last year, where the total annual turnover of up to $2 billion 400 million in 2013, is about 3.5 times. Where the network public relations department official told the interface news, where the network access at home and abroad OTA and a total of more than 4 thousand travel agencies, holiday routes more than 1 million.

3 "friends" in 2015 the Internet popular "kill marry"  

"die marry" model quickly became popular in 2015. From the beginning of the year drops fast when merging "live long" (live for a long time, what can not see) collective end to merge the U.S. group public comment, the Internet in 2015, from which love fast only needs a long time. From then on, the prince and the princess began to live a happy life." At the end of the fairy tale is the beginning of the real literature, but then I am afraid that the parties do not love to say, the most concerned about the good things.