Qualcomm founder public replay Fortune 500 pick successor

the west coast of the United States on December 12th in San Diego, the headquarters of Qualcomm, we saw the long absence of Ai Wen · Jacob (Irwin Jacobs, hereinafter referred to as Ai Wen).

this is an old man who has been written into legend.

‘s early, he is studying in the University of hotel management, but only a year and a half, decisively transfer Electronic Engineering, eventually obtaining a doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after school to teach. In 1968, he resigned from the teacher for 13 years, the joint venture with two companions, set up a well-known technology consulting firm Linkabit, and then went for 17 years, until the retirement age of 52.

for many people, it is enough to be looking at life, but to Ivan, his brilliant career has just begun.

retired from Linkabit in less than 3 months, he was with 6 partners, co founded the Qualcomm Corp and served as chairman and President, until 2005, was at the age of 72 will be relegated to the background, the handover of the work to his son Paul · Jacob (Paul), and retired in 2012.

today, Qualcomm has grown into the world’s largest wireless semiconductor suppliers, a global total of more than 30 thousand employees, more than 2 million tablets daily shipments of mobile phone chips, provide technical licensing service industry giant global technology giant 1000. According to the results reported in November this year, it was $2016 revenue in fiscal year 23 billion 600 million, net profit of more than $5 billion 700 million.

in recent years, Ivan has been reclusive, the spotlight has not appeared again in the media. This time, he faced the media for the first time Chinese, Qualcomm’s 30 years of development, the media carried out a complete rehabilitation, and revealed the high first generation and the second generation of the handover process in detail.

fortunately, although already 83 years old, Ivan still hale and hearty, healthy body and light body, clear bright eyes of God, like a middle-aged. Of course, I will not tell you, for the media and China meeting, he had to cancel a dentist for a long time.

The following

, and he is our communication record replay.

you can take a look at the essence of refining. Or you can skip, look directly at the back of the full record version.


1, Qualcomm in the beginning, Ivan had slightly proudly to his wife expectations: our company may soon be able to grow to 100 people. And now, Qualcomm is already 300 times the size of his original expectations. This reminds me once again, after the spread of Jingdong entrepreneurial video, Liu Qiangdong in the annual speech in the annual plan: Well, we must recruit a warehouse keeper next year!)

2, 1989, when the initial marketing of CDMA, most of the people of Qualcomm CDMA Technology >