Online shopping for home appliances function shrinking services lag easily lead to disputes

recently, the purchase of home appliances on the network increasingly common. But the network really buy home appliance safety? According to the "Guangzhou daily" reported the day before, online shopping appliances has been the hardest hit by consumer complaints, not only serious quality problems, there is widespread copycat, customer service service difficult and high maintenance cost of illness. At the same time, the network for household appliances in appearance and the next line of products although the price is cheap, as like as two peas, but reduced many, consumers need to maintain a rational consumer mentality of network for special products.

network for home appliances function "shrink"

in the past two years with the rapid development of home appliance electricity supplier, as well as the enthusiasm of consumers to improve network consumption, online shopping appliances is no longer a new thing. But the purchase of home appliances also contain quality risk. According to the "Guangzhou daily" reports, the public Miss Su bought a disinfection cabinet on the network, but the cupboard door has quality problems, not normally closed. The Soviet Union has been fruitless negotiations with the seller, suffered embarrassment activist difficult.

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network for online shopping and home appliances, home appliances gradually attracted the attention of consumers. The public Miss Xu said that the line of products but the online product appearance as like as two peas in function but quejinduanliang. Insiders said that Miss Xu may encounter a customized version of the network products. He explained, the same manufacturer of flat-panel TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and other products, the supply of goods to the entity store and electricity supplier channels are not the same. Even the same style products, "business edition" in the mantissa design, LCD screen type, the base material, the energy efficiency rating, the specific models will also have not a small gap."

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suspected of misleading deposit

network for special products and the line quality of the products is not the same, even "Jerry", is actually the market environment.

one, in the current increasingly fierce competition in the electricity supplier market, the price war has become the main theme, while the home appliance market profit margins thin, how to become a cost of electricity supplier headache. From other categories of products, "special" will give people a "better quality, higher grade" impression. But the appliance market is just the opposite of the market, that is, the concept of fuzzy electricity supplier, so that consumers mistakenly believe that online and offline is only the difference between supply".

"Beijing Youth Daily" has pointed out that manufacturers love electricity supplier channels individually tailored specifically for models of price war in the industry is an open secret. The manufacturer said, "they (electricity supplier) tend to us directly when ordering price limit, direct that you gave me a TV or refrigerator how much money."

second, the appliance "special" concept unknown to the consumer, do not pay attention to the details of the goods in case of electricity will be fooled. It is understood that the majority of consumers in the online shopping appliances, pay more attention to the appearance of the product, little attention will be paid to the parameters of the product. Not to mention the physical channels and electricity supplier channels of goods than three. Consumers are attracted by the preferential price of the network, as long as the packaging looks like, you will feel that online shopping is really cheap, happy >