Google express delivery service launched fresh Sike Amazon in the U.S.

[Abstract] the service will receive $2.99 per year to Google courier members, non members to charge $4.99.

Tencent Francisco February 18th message, according to foreign reports, Google announced on Wednesday, will be put into the fresh products on the same day delivery service Google Express (Google Express) services, and Amazon fresh delivery service Amazon Fresh and distribution startup Instacart opened a direct confrontation.

Google said the company will launch a fresh delivery service in San Francisco and Losangeles residential areas. The service will receive $2.99 per year to Google courier members, non members to charge $4.99. Google express current membership fee of $95. Amazon is currently part of the city to pay $99 a year for the annual fee of gold members to provide a service service of two hours, and to pay $299 a year to provide users with fresh delivery service.

Google express involved in the network fresh delivery market, but also shows that the market prospects are very impressive. IBISWorld is expected, the U.S. network of fresh delivery market size will reach $13 billion. The main players in the market, including the current service in the United States in the northeast and Midwest food electricity supplier Peapod, as well as the launch of the service in New York FreshDirect. Amazon is currently in New York, Seattle and some cities in California launched a fresh delivery service. Instacart in the United States 18 cities and Washington, DC launched a fresh delivery service, and has been with

wfmi (Whole Foods Market) to establish a partnership.

fresh delivery margin is very low, and more difficult than perishable goods distribution. Amazon and Google are currently hoping to use their own to solve this problem, and are in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned vehicles, to the user’s residential distribution of goods.

Google courier service was released in 2013, initially named Google Shopping Express, then renamed Google Express. Users can shop online to buy Google’s products with the retailer, followed by Google Google Express served on the day or overnight service. Google express for free service, from October 2014 to start charging users. The service charges: members of the transaction amount of less than $15 per order, will receive $3 courier fee. More than $15 in orders, unconditional delivery of the same day / overnight service charge $10 per month, or $95 per year. For non members, the order amount less than $15, $7.99. More than $15, only $4.99.

Google shares on Wednesday on the Nasdaq stock market in the regular trading