Adsense nets daily broadcast Taobao will build a new system 360 intends to acquire 2345


1 Taobao will build a new store system for sellers to sell or sell

news April 17th, billion state power network that Taobao business business department in a soft Tang crown seller exchange meeting recently said that the strategy of this year is also the right to the seller, the store is no longer just a carrier of goods released, will establish can precipitate marketing, data and membership management new shops system.

According to the

before the billion state power network to understand, some sellers think shop is just to buy a template after renovation after the release of goods carrier, and membership is, is the flow. Tang Rou said that Taobao will establish a new store system, the new store system will be established in the seller’s own members, own traffic.

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2 National pornography office investigated 198 pornographic information website

Beijing, 16 April, 16 journalists from the national anti pornography office was informed that since March 28th announced a number of pornographic information posted on the illegal site, around the anti pornography Office actively cooperate with public security and Internet management, communication management and other departments continue to intensify the crackdown, carry out the "net net action, and investigating the 198 websites published pornographic information, involving 20 provinces and municipalities. Among them, love to go to the Android network, Ya book Hall 21 not record sites were shut down in accordance with the law; the storm, the world’s 175 digital e-book website managers were interviewed, to remove pornographic information immediately; AZ, assistant 2 serious website, punished by public security organs.

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3 internal sources said the intention of the acquisition of 2345 navigation

navigation 360

April 17th news, according to insiders, 360 navigation intends to acquire the navigation of the site of the 2345, the two sides are negotiating, the final results have not yet been determined.

with 360 Baidu in the search field and the escalation of competition, site navigation has become a hotly contested spot. For 360, the site navigation is an important source of traffic for its search, if you can get the bag in the income of 2345, help to improve the market share of the 360 search.

according to sources, Baidu also intends to acquire 2345. Who actually spend the final, is not sure.

2345 site navigation is the third largest navigation site, traffic is only next to the 360 navigation page hao123.