360 Baidu renewed conflicting interests security door frequent refraction regulatory predicament

recently, Baidu and Qihoo 360 as a "Medusa" plug-in "QieMi", refers to the mutual dispute renewed. Experts pointed out that Baidu and 360 security war, the market is indeed a dispute. The Internet giant repeatedly to "safe" under the banner of mutual Crusade, in fact reflects the lack of credibility of the third party and the face of the rapid progress of technology supervision predicament.

Baidu, the 360 dispute renewed

recently, Qihoo 360 by Sina micro-blog said, Baidu’s advertising system "nest" is to promote a "Medusa" plug-in, the plug after installation, use the browser to log 360 "nest" Baidu customer will be prompted to replace the browser. 360 said that the plug-in will be secretly on the user’s computer screen screenshots and upload to the server to steal user information.


, Baidu said, "phoenix nest" advertising system involves a large amount of money and commercial transaction information, information security protection has higher demand, prompt customers to replace the browser is to prevent "irresponsible developers" to obtain customer information and other business data. The plug-in does not get any user privacy information, and only for Phoenix Nest customers, does not affect the majority of Internet users.

360 and Baidu’s "go to war" caused widespread controversy. Some netizens said that Baidu’s move and Tencent in 2010 to force users to "one of two" behavior is exactly the same. Insiders also said that as of the third quarter of last year, the number of advertisers Baidu for the number of users over the same period, the number of users has reached as high as 303 million browser by 360. These advertisers accounted for a very low proportion of users in the 360 browser, and for Baidu, they mean an annual income of $about 20000000000, is the core interests of Baidu, Baidu to strengthen the prevention of understandable.

in fact, since August last year, 360 cross-border search, Baidu will continue to rub with the 360. Baidu was once part of the search results for 360 screening, the search for Baidu news, MP3, maps and other results directly jump to the Baidu home page, the two sides of the dispute and even into the judicial process. It is understood that the 360 had "Medusa incident" to the relevant departments real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing.

real name of security interests

experts believe that 360 with Baidu in the "security" issue tangled, essence is to search for the market.

associate professor, School of information technology, Nankai University, Shi Guangshun believes that Baidu’s revenue model is highly dependent on search advertising. Under the influence of multiple factors, Baidu’s revenue growth is declining. On the one hand, after several years of bidding, many words have been difficult to raise prices; on the other hand, Baidu top three advertisers respectively for healthcare, education and tourism, including medical advertising Baidu accounted for 30% of advertising revenue, the contribution in the amount of income at the same time, also become vulnerable to attack weakness. In this case, maintaining and increasing the number of small advertisers, Baidu has become an important task.

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