Hongkong domain name is listed as the world’s most dangerous domain

in new network on 5 June, according to Hongkong Ta Kung Pao reported that Hongkong network security alarm sounded serious! The latest research report, the famous computer anti-virus software company McAfee Inc. reported, "Hongkong.Hk" domain name website is listed as the world’s most dangerous security domain, compared with last year plunged 27, the high degree of risk had ranked second in the ".Cn" domain name website Chinese.

users browse the.Hk domain name website, the risk of being hacked by the crown of all other areas.

McAfee Inc.4 published on the network map ills annual report of investigation from 265 different countries and regions of the domain name, involving a total of 9 million 900 thousand sites, the researchers use technology tools to the development of the company, at each site content, including the detection of hidden sites within the program, virus, hacker program etc..

the risk of hacker attacks first. It was found that the ".Hk" domain name of the site in Hongkong, 19.2% sites were classified as "dangerous" or "potentially dangerous", global risk ranked by just twenty-seventh in 2007, soared to first in the world this year. .cn China domain name website, there are 11.8% listed as dangerous or potentially dangerous, the global ranking from last year’s eleventh, a substantial jump to this year’s second.

it is worth noting that, ".Info" domain name website is also quite dangerous, up to 11.7% sites are classified as "dangerous" or "potentially dangerous". As for the most commonly used ".Com" domain names around the world, more than 5% are classified as "dangerous" or "potentially dangerous."".

, however, is regarded as highly dangerous ".Hk" Hongkong domain name and ".Cn" site, not necessarily located in Hongkong and china. McAfee research analyst Shane Keats said, web site managers can choose to register any part of the domain name of the site, Internet website, will choose the cheapest and most loose management domain registrar lot.


domain name website most secure because of the fierce competition, many provide domain name registration and the registration services company, reduce the conditions and restrictions on the registration of the domain name, with low fees to snatch customers, many of these companies when people did not verify the domain name or institution background and identity.

comparison,.Fi Finland domain name website the world’s most secure, the global risk ranking in seventy-fourth place, compared with last year’s seventieth improvement. Other more secure as well as.Jp Japanese domain name website, the world’s seventy-second place. ".no" Norway domain name website ranked seventy-first in the world, ".Si" Slovenia and ".Co" Columbia sites were ranked in the top seventieth and the 69 place. ".gov" government websites are also pretty safe, with only 0.05% being classified as "dangerous" or "potentially dangerous"".