About my letter to Baidu

my site www.52ys8.cn has done for a long time, is the end of March. But now Baidu has not included my station. For this I was hard to know why!! so when I was 13, I can not breathe, so I wrote to Baidu. The contents are as follows:

dear Baidu teacher Hello:

first of all, I wish you success in your work and good health

I made a low in March to the nature of the entertainment forum, the forum address is www.52ys8.cn up to now has been for several months, you still have not included my station. For this I feel confused, I am a rookie. I don’t know why you don’t stand included my station. This is now very distressed. I’d like to ask the teacher why haven’t included my station.

thank you for your teacher! I hope you are not busy, if you allow me, please give me an answer. Thank you for your teacher.

www.52ys8.cn station stationmaster:

Xiao Liang

Baidu 2008-06-13 17:22:00 in reply to my mail, as follows:

dear user:


thank you very much for your inquiry. Baidu uses an automatic spider program to crawl the Internet page, in most cases, the site can be automatically collected Baidu. Although Baidu wants to grab as much of the Internet ", but in order to ensure that the user’s search experience and some uncertain reasons, there will still be a few websites can not be Baidu included, if your site is not included, is usually caused by the following reasons:

1 your site where the server is unstable, temporarily removed by Baidu, stable, the problem will be resolved.

2 your site has a design flaw that causes spider to crawl.

3 your web page does not match the user’s search experience.

4 web pages are highly repetitive content copied from the internet.

5 "has done a lot for the search engines rather than users, content and the actual content of the page allows the user to see from the search results in a completely different, or making a web page was not appropriate ranking in the search results, which result in users feeling deceived.

6 your web content is not in conformity with national laws and regulations.

7 your site’s robots protocol prohibits Baidu crawl.

8 other technical issues.

you can also go to the Baidu web site to submit your site for free: http://s.baidu.com>