A joke A station wanjiebubao than infighting site also came to a halt for 2 days


A station in history has experienced numerous civil strife, a A station executives said that life is the two dimension, the two dimension is dead. "Every time for management, we will say, this is a new beginning, but in the end, we have become the beginning itself". In the first half of the bucket in the A station, it continues to obtain financing.


continued to fall into the infighting storm AcFun (A station) recently restored access. Previously, as a well-known two dimension website, A station has two consecutive days unable to access, the A station is also Post Bar user complaints tumbled, the industry is also regarded as a joke.


A station in August 2, 2016 micro-blog official said, because the A server temporary adjustment and upgrade, causing the site to browse function abnormal, A station technical personnel in the emergency repair, to bring you the inconvenience expressed deep regret.


August 4th, A station announcement, saying that due to operator line failure, A station lying gun, leading to the site can not log. "A is trying to find ways to get the site back to normal as soon as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused."

August 6th, A station on the August 4th visit to abnormal situation make a statement, said the external reason is to provide services for A station network operator room unexpected situation in August 4th AcFun 13:33 began to visit.

, the first time to communicate with the operator, that it still takes a long time to recover the site, the monkey and the operation and maintenance of the monkey decided to migrate to the server room."

A station said that as an alternative, the technical staff at the same time began to restore the backup data in order to move the work carried out at the same time we can resume the visit as soon as possible.

after all night work, A station in August 6th 2:56, backup and restore work successfully completed, manuscript data has been partially restored, the basic function has been able to use normal.

A server in the transfer process, the visit may be affected by a short period of time. By August 6th 13:38 points, has been able to carry out a new normal video / article submission, and will not resume manuscript / account data conflict. AcFun recovery continues.

, according to informed sources, A station connected to two days of collapse, because China Unicom recently in the rectification of the country’s IDC business, clean up management loopholes. Unicom’s more than and 40 IDC room is not standardized access, non-compliance access will be broken network.

A station does not even have a license to operate IDC. A station operation AcFun.tv is precisely because of non-standard access was broken network. Not only is the A station, the domestic social networking platform tenderness also appeared in the case can not be logged, lasted nearly 15 hours.