Baidu closed about 800000 PPC keyword by the phoenix nest in

when Li Kaifu was busy with the new company Google Chinese campaign, busy with comfort, Chinese largest search engine, Baidu has quietly launched a new action. The reporter was informed that since mid June closed a PPC keyword, the Baidu Inc on the evening of September 7th closed about 800000 PPC keyword, replaced by a new generation of Baidu search marketing platform "nest" in charge.

the evening of September 7th, Baidu commercial customers told reporters, Baidu has released to customers "search promotion important notice", said "from now on two weeks, we will search for the promotion of the classic edition and professional edition of system adjustment, adjusted by more keywords will promote the professional edition. By then, these keywords will only be submitted in the professional version of the line, the results will appear in the promotion of the promotion of professional management position."

confirmed that the notice referred to in the classic version of the system that is competitive bidding, and professional edition is phoenix nest system. According to reports, the adjustment of the system is still the continuation of the Baidu before the "migration" of ideas, that is part of the key words over the permissions from the PPC system to the phoenix nest, but the strength was greater than in the past, the number of keywords will line up to about 800000.