MT new regulations from the implementation of the pre installed APP flooding or containment

November 1st news, the Ministry released in April 11th this year "on the strengthening mobile intelligent terminal into the network management notice (Draft)" today will be formally implemented, mobile phone pre installed software to steal privacy phenomenon will be curbed.

in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of industry, manufacturing enterprises shall not be in the mobile terminal preset or otherwise provide users with the installation of the following properties of the application software:

(a) containing malicious code;

(two), without the user’s express and user consent, unauthorized collection, modification of the user’s personal information;

(three) is not expressly to the user and the user agrees to call the terminal communication function, resulting in traffic costs, loss of costs, information leakage, etc.;

(four) contains the "Telecommunications Regulations of People’s Republic of China", "Internet information services management approach" and other laws and regulations prohibit the content of information;

(five) other violations of the user’s personal information security and legitimate rights and interests, harm the network and information security.

At the same time, the

shall inform the relevant departments of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the Ministry of industry and information technology that the mobile intelligent terminal operating system shall have a greater functional change or add a new preset application software after obtaining the network license.


technology call doov, green orange and other mobile phone manufacturers, the other have said because the mobile phone hardware and software is supposed to be through the audit and certification of the Ministry of industry, so it has little influence on the provisions, but the specific influence depends on how to define malicious software.

notice did not explain the way to punish violations.

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