Singer Hu Haiquan, investor Hu Haiquan and a star to do the story of investors

star, investors, entrepreneurs, the identity of the three in one Hu Haiquan is often just a commercial speech, will nonstop toward a business forum in the process of the identity of the two switch, he also planned the development path of his own company, master of culture in the future.

"in fact, this process does not make me very tired, but a variety of switching can let me have a good rest, feel different life." Hu Haiquan said in an interview with a number of DreamWorks entertainment.

due to contact entertainment and capital circle more and more, many stars have embarked on the road of investors, brand star to bring their advantages, but the lack of expertise is short board, how to learn from each other, how to position their role in the team, is the key to solve the problem of star investors.

rehearsal gap pro forma: no less difficult to record an album

"this month end of the month, I will go to fund the qualification examination, this has been a long time for." Hu Haiquan log entertainment DreamWorks said, anyone who wants to engage in the fund industry should comply with relevant laws and regulations, in "I am a singer" the final rehearsal of the star break, investors are not forget to send out data related to the pro forma look, "or need to prepare, to me, is as difficult as to record album."


in the spring of 2013, Hu Haiquan set up a special team, according to the previous public information, the current size of the management of the fund reached 3 billion yuan, the investment project is close to the top 30 of the total number of investment projects in the United states.

according to the ICC announced the cancellation of the record of implementation: three types of private equity funds (i.e. newly registered private equity fund managers in the completion of registration formalities within 6 months from the date of filing the first private equity fund products has not been registered; over 12 months and has not yet filed the first private equity fund products in May 1, 2016 not for private equity fund products; registered less than 12 months and not for products, the first private equity fund in August 1, 2016 has not yet record of private equity fund products. ), but this is just the introduction of new regulations in February 9th of this year, so there will be a deadline for the buffer period before August 1, 2016, so Hu Haiquan went to the test with rush ", is not difficult to understand.

the introduction of this new provision for Hu Haiquan Hai Quan fund, Quan Ren, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing and other stars to create a joint venture of Star VC and some other star fund faces some thorny issues: public executives do not have the qualifications.

, the new rules came out, I began to prepare for the exam, almost two months." Hu Haiquan said, it is understood that the fund qualification examination is not as a judicial examination pass rate is extremely low, like Hu Haiquan who understand the basic operation process of the fund, will have a good pass rate.

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