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I have money and ideas, the lack of a code.

I have money and ideas, the lack of a code.

I have money and ideas, the lack of a code.

this sentence or the same meaning, I have seen countless times, "immediately to the IPO company equity bidding technology great God", "the future of Sino US internet Unicorn recruit technical Montana", "a lot of options for expert technical salaries doubled", "beautiful skin white giant wave MM technology training God legs"…… As for what "salary doubled", "recommended to send iPhone18", "beauty snacks sent mouth, code tired one leg", is full of various forums and WeChat group.

have to say, this program ape groups make start-up companies now in addition to learning to extremely excited, also to study depth as how to seduce people like Pan Jinlian, Wu Song can take the heart.

My name is

a Tsing Yi, from July 2014 until a month ago, I have been the logic of thinking co-founder & CTO, although hanging CTO and bluffing, but before it is pure white dog products of origin, technology. More than a year to build up a team of more than and 30 people, and last month dug up a number of years of experience and the experience of the mother of penguins, successfully stepped down CTO.

so until today, dare to come out to share with you a bit of it, write ten small experience for your reference. But each enterprise has a different style, this kind of experience can not be completely applicable, when a piece. As for the first day from the start to find a reliable partner of the technical team, will not need to read, to cherish him love him. This article only amateurs how to set up the technical team, please Daniel directly detour as well.

first, you must have a strong inner

entrepreneurship is a chore, the aura of the people can never make up for the depths of insecurity. So anxiety is a normal, and recruit and financing can generally occupy the top of the list of entrepreneurs anxiety.

especially for the recruitment process, many of the founders with my Tucao, said why I would like to take my own stake to pay several times the salary to dig people, they still do not want to do with me?

before I speak, they will love special ultra low drop after EQ plus a "must be because I venture company reputation, if you follow the logic of thinking of fame, but also worry about being unable to recruit people."

brother, you only see the thief meat, did not see the thief beaten ah. When I dig program ape, a scene often is: I talk about the future of pie extremely excited tired big aunt coming across the grass root ignorant boy looked at me blankly said: "the logic of thinking is not a fat man in front of the camera that you want to force the hundred. >