Case analysis of electricity supplier website marketing tips

network marketing has gradually replaced the traditional marketing, the network can bring more users to the enterprise, the successful marketing industry giants, but also to the enterprise has brought new hope to replicate the success of others used in their products, the success of others can not be copied, but we can learn from the success of others in middle school the secret of examples to share secret marketing success.

, a advertising creative marketing

is currently the most popular cosmetics, is, the main direction of network marketing is to build their own brands, a lot of investment funds to create the one and only cosmetic brand users in mind, it is the use of new media "movie", "network video" and other forms of advertising, the user enters the eye, remember the content of the film also remember "the United States" brand.

in the brand building, the United States has selected corporate CEOs to their own endorsement, the user not only remember the "" brand, also remember the "Chen ou". For enterprises, the brand on behalf of the consumer’s consistent recognition, on behalf of the optimization of the value of the connection between the abstract recommendation and more representative of its number of user experience.

two, millet phone – hunger marketing

millet mobile phone officially released to sales exceeded one million units, millet for less than a year, the majority of domestic mobile phone manufacturing enterprises is Arabian Nights. Millet to break the routine way of brand in the sales channels, millet, adhere to the selection of electronic channels as its only sales channels, this way not only hunger marketing to attract the user’s attention, also a lot of channel marketing costs for the millet marketing mode, shooting two birds with one stone, every enterprise should learn the pattern.

companies need to locate their own user groups, to understand what the user needs, blindly provide a wide range of products, users may feel disgusted, or the idea of a rare expensive. Hunger marketing provide limited in the number of user demand, the introduction of new products in the user again slowly forgotten, once again attract users attention, leading to more user groups, has achieved lasting marketing purposes.

three, beautiful said – social media marketing

beautiful women fashion shopping sharing community, a large number of investment promotion, but also to find ways to improve the user viscosity, especially the use of mobile search engine, making mobile phone APP client, to attract users attention sharing community shopping at any time. In WeChat, micro-blog and other social platforms, use the form of rebate to attract users, allowing customers to introduce more customers in the social networking site hot development, so that businesses really appreciate the great magic of social marketing mode.

said the beautiful play is the user experience of the construction of "brand, there is no doubt whether the demand from the user perspective, or from the user experience point of view, beauty really bring convenience to consumers shopping a lot of ways, copying its enterprises have appeared in large numbers.