Network marketing is not the old legend soft Wen promotion

soft Wen promotion of the status quo

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in July 1st Baidu launched the 2 clearly pointed out, focus on the promotion of soft paper, including the promotion of the website and website, many people think that Baidu foreign chain hit has come to an end, it is Baidu news source monitoring, and in these sources of news website, written in this lot of selling the soft and the phenomenon of news source spread. This allows the owners of Baidu’s criticism again upgrade.

In fact,

consolidation soft industry is a good thing, can filter spam chain for a soft, high quality soft Wen has been welcomed by the search, such as Baidu itself and the media publicity of soft Wen is a very good example for enterprise promotion, pay attention to pay attention to the quality of the soft soft Wen promotion and the quality of the soft release platform, or very large effect on the conversion of corporate reputation and visibility of publicity and increase the weight of the website and sales.

soft Wen promotion purpose and effect:

soft Wen promotion purposes, first, in order to through the soft Wen, improve the corporate brand or website in the industry’s visibility, two, through the soft Wen can also bring some real users. For SEOWER is to improve the ranking of the site, increase the value of content information.

soft Wen promotion effect, the same kind of products or the same site, in a short period of time, if there is a related article, whether it is news website, or industry information website also contains well-known blog comments, make your product or web site soon by the public attention, especially for you the audience, also can put your potential customers into your user group. If you are in the article into your web site links, but also effectively increase the quality of your external links, increase the search engine rankings and opportunities. To improve the user experience and conversion rate.

how to write a high quality soft Wen:

soft Wen promotion is what kind of expression you are ready to use the information you want to promote the effective transfer to the target audience, let it in imperceptible to accept your guidance. Personally think that no matter what kind of user groups of soft Wen, we write soft Wen should be the promotion of products and content of the main selling points targeted expression. To ensure that the content of the target audience to help, so it is easy to be accepted. Do not promote the promotion, the article focuses on sharing. Subject to the target audience or attention nowadays industry hot topic, the topic of the message out and convey to the target audience, but remember the relationship between the expression of information and topics. Help the customer to resonate, the user to help you forward. The influence of your article is self-evident.

soft Wen promotion skills

soft, including sales type of soft Wen, experience the type of soft Wen, news review type of soft wen. Different types of soft Wen promotion method is not the same > >