Bai Gengxiao to carry out the first step in the network marketing site eight note

the first step in a "development of network marketing, the establishment of the website of three discipline" is simply introduced three basic points we need to pay attention, in this article, will talk about website upgrade Eight Tips user experience.

first, the facade should pay attention to

site with traditional marketing stores, good decoration, is the first key to attract the eye. The decoration of the site, in fact, refers to the web page design. A lot of enterprises (individual) often do not pay attention to the web page design, think of a is a blunt, or the various looks wonderful element gather together, this website, even promotion do better, it is difficult to bring the sales promotion flow into the actual. Everyone in the web page design, we must pay attention to the following points:

· color should be unified. This is a lot of new station will be ignored, always put the website stack gorgeous riotous with colour, let a person feel dizzy and anxiety, there is no way to calm down to see the content of the web site.

· layout order. The layout of the site content must have a sense of hierarchy, many webmaster began to do stand, will want to put all the things on the home page to see. Do a good job of content classification, design in line with the habits of the user’s navigation bar, the establishment of conducive to the transformation of the jump page, the details of these efforts is the focus of the webmaster must focus.

· advertising not much. Many webmaster in the initial stage, will be the mother of profit, in a number of advertising alliance received a lot of advertising to increase revenue. If you want to do a purely advertising to maintain the life of the site, then do it right. But if your intention is to do professional site or brand site, this is definitely The loss outweighs the gain. A large number of ads (especially pop and floating ads), will let the user experience degree of goodwill straight to the negative, even if your website content and color, your product is good, excessive advertising will only be implanted increased the loss of tourists, very serious negative effects.

· background music can be avoided. Stationmaster of a lot of enterprises, all love by adding a background music on the site, or the enterprise customized ringing tone means to enhance the brand image, actually do tend to have the opposite effect. Join the background music as early as three or four years ago, in a number of personal webmaster site is widely used, at that time only a prominent personality characteristics of a small means, is not desirable. Imagine, when you open a web page, suddenly not harmonious sound, that is how frightening, 95% user feedback in the open web page with noise first feeling is shocked and disgusted, harmful to the user experience.

two, had to mention online customer service

originally this online customer service can be incorporated into the topic of the design of the web page of a class, the author put it alone, because this is the vast majority of webmaster will fall into the wrong.