Everyone announced the official closure of the film the need for our time has gone

everyone movie home page

Tencent Francisco December 20th message, everyone in the film this morning through its official micro-blog announced officially closed, said "will continue to provide translation services for legitimate business, also could be converted into the form of community discussion".

is currently open everyone home page, the top will prompt the closure notice.

November 22nd, everyone announced the temporary closure of the station, and announced that due to the existence of illegal content is a thorough inventory.

December 11th, everyone in the film after more than half a month to close the resumption of access, but the domain name has been changed to http://s.rrys.tv/. But then everyone in the film released micro-blog said that everyone in the film has been officially closed, are any of the sites visited by everyone in the film name were forged.

the following is the full text of the announcement:

[leave] I am very sorry to inform you that everyone is officially closed, the need for our times has gone, and now there is a better way to replace us. Thank you for so many years we have been supporting us, if I continue to be in trouble, I hope you can understand. Perhaps we will continue to provide translation services for the legitimate business, it may be transformed into the form of discussion community to give you a place to exchange, please look forward to.