Lonely artist Zhang Xiaolong, Zhou Hongyi could not understand why he did such a man as WeChat

Abstract: the origin of the WeChat, a piece of the most famous is this: a few years ago, "WeChat" the father of Zhang Xiaolong in the West Wing for the Longquan temple, pondering on several technical problems not the solution, flay the data into pieces. When a monk came in to clean up the data to help him paste up, but also wrote a few words, so the world later on, "WeChat".


Zhang Xiaolong gave the impression of a lot of people are good and deserve daniel. His friend hecaitou said, Zhang Xiaolong is a lonely man, a heavy smoker, "Kent is the largest consumer of Guangzhou in the middle of the night". He only has two hobbies weekly tennis and music every night, the rest of the time to lead the team in round the clock to write code.

in the summer of 2005, Baidu listed on Nasdaq, everyone thought he was dazzled, Baidu’s share price soared 354% that day people see the power of capital and commerce. Zhang Xiaolong with the first product to earn money to buy a car, went to have always wanted to go to Tibet.

Zhou Hongyi has been unable to understand why such a person is doing WeChat? It is no sense to the fame and fortune, only care about the feelings of the people, has made one of the products of WeChat Internet industry’s most successful Chinese. Today, WeChat’s valuation of up to $83 billion 600 million (about 534 billion 400 million yuan), accounting for half of the market value of Tencent.

everybody loves Zhang Xiaolong

everybody loves Zhang Xiaolong. As the founder of WeChat, he had created the commercial value of this product is not inferior to any business leader, is more important than the latter, the image of a simple multi Zhang Xiaolong.

, a dark skinned, tennis loving, middle-aged man driving a Audi sedan, plays an artist’s role for most of the time, and sees the product as a work of art. Zhang Xiaolong also in these 17 years, ongoing self iteration and upgrade.

Years ago

was sold to 12 million yuan Foxmail rather than on the success of his product, rather than commercial failure, compared to this money, more worthy of pity that he missed a great business opportunity. This is Zhang Xiaolong 1, the keyword is the product and technology. In the early WeChat, he will rise to the platform tools, the simple needs of service users to guide their the passions, finished second upgrade.

now Zhang Xiaolong is in his 2 to 3 version of the moment, only the completion of third commercial jump, he can really dominate their own destiny and WeChat.

have feelings like

in the autumn of 1998, Zhou Hongyi was introduced, first saw Zhang Xiaolong in Guangzhou.

a little known in the industry is already working with a dozen programmers crowded in a small office, around the smoke. See Zhou Hongyi >