Buy four years the death of the market began to climb the 4845 buy site


buy four years, where is the exit

"the results must be good, if not good enough, it is not the end."

world only four years, the group has been vicissitudes. Four years, thousands of websites to today’s oligarchic group purchase mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore hegemony, both during the capital into the founder has put up a pageantry, quietly leave; both thousand group war is tragic, announced earnings playfully. In the group purchase industry enters its fifth year, looking back, all the way forward, the industry remains, where is the next exit


4845 buy site dead

March 4, 2010, the United States mission was established in March 18th, the establishment of the handle network…… At the end of December 2010, the group purchase website Chinese digital has reached 1960. Four years later, in March 4, 2014, tick group announced this month end close group purchase business; in March 6th, upgraded to Baidu Nuomi glutinous rice nets"…… At the end of December 2013, the normal operation of the group purchase site a total of 213, equivalent to only the number of group purchase website peak (June 2011 5058) 1/25, that is as high as 4845 group purchase website has died. 24 coupons, Groupon wages closed after the collapse back online but collapse, thousands of network products, quietly gathered nets by the merchant siege, tick group closed group purchase business, once in the top 10 on the list of group purchase group purchase website have fallen one by one, not to mention the small group purchase website over the internet.

now not only to do business satisfaction, but also to achieve satisfaction, but also to take into account the differences, the work is more and more difficult to do." One in three and a half years of group purchase sales to the Beijing Daily reporter said, "in fact, everyone in the early to do one thing, is the popularity of group purchase, at this level there is no competition, later started to appear. Apparent competition in the first half of 2011, the second half of 2012 began to turn white hot, began to seek differentiation in 2013." Grab merchants from popular to businesses, the sales revenue in line with the development and industry, "in 2010 when just beginning to do group purchase, first-tier cities and provincial capital city to get 20 thousand dollars no problem, from the beginning of 2011, only part of the income can reach this level, less income in 2012".

in addition to more competition, the physical group purchase is slowly shrinking, "group purchase early, mop, pillow what are very good sales." One of the top three site sales staff to the Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter analysis, physical class buy early can be done personally, sales will take into account the local characteristics of goods and affordable, communication is also very convenient. But because the physical commodities Maoni more, in order to avoid risks, most sites are a group purchase department to manage, but in this case, the physical coverage is not so wide, the characteristics of goods is less, and the difference between other electricity providers is not obvious, not what the competition.