Medicine B2C industry scale crazy increase 3 times VCs its last blue ocean

2012 Chinese medicine B2C annual scale reached 1 billion 665 million yuan". The latest data released Chinese online pharmacies Council days before that had once suffered medical electrical resistance of commercial parties is being reexamined. According to the Council’s previous statistics, in 2011 the annual scale of Chinese medicine B2C only 400 million yuan, that is to say, in 2012 the size of the industry surged by 300% in the same period in 2011.

300% growth significantly better than the pharmaceutical industry in recent years, the average growth rate of about 20%, also significantly exceeded the expectations of the outside world. Nandu reporter interviewed a number of pharmacies B2C days before is more commonly referred to them in 2013 is still expected to maintain a growth rate of 300%. However, industry experts pointed out that the current Taobao platform to do B2C business, just to popularity, in fact, do not make money.

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"300% growth is normal." Health passenger network C E O exhibition, said that he was in an interview with reporters in Nandu, the rapid development of drug B 2C due to the popularity of online shopping in recent two years, people’s lifestyle changes.

Chinese online pharmacy Council Secretary General Zhang Yong is given a more detailed three reasons: one is the Jingdong and Tmall mall major electricity supplier platform to promote the transaction scale and the user intervention medicine B 2C demand growth; two is the steady growth of online shopping user scale, online shopping to buy in expanding the scope of drug users, online shopping the trust is also increased, the per capita consumption of online shopping support continued to increase; three is the increase of market participants to expand the medical B 2C market investment, to further expand the market.

China online pharmacy Council, said Tmall Medical Library and other electronic business platform to boost the role of drug B 2C is gradually increasing. With the high growth of Tmall medical center, the future of the pharmaceutical platform B 2C transaction size and market share will be greatly improved.

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Council recently statistics data show that the first three quarters of 2012 2C medicine B transaction size of 450 million flat desktop, the proportion of B 2C market size has reached 41.3%.

, in fact, the industry scale is more than 1 billion." This is the general manager of Guangzhou fast goods Co., Ltd. Liao Guanghui’s point of view, he pointed to the rapid growth of medical electricity supplier has entered the channel, the development of 2013 will undoubtedly be explosive. Expected in more and more users, especially believe that more and more users can buy regular drug in the online case, in 2013 the scale of the whole industry will maintain a growth of 300%, by the end of 2013 is expected to achieve 5 billion sales.

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data from the State Food and drug administration also shows the rapid development of the drug B2C. As of February 5, 2013, the domestic access to Internet drug transaction service certificate of the enterprise has reached 124, of which service >