Washing powder printed on the QQ logo Tencent nc claims 100 thousand


Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) because of the "QQ Penguin logo printed on the packaging of Beijing" washing powder, Shenzhen city Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent Inc) in Beijing urban and rural trade center Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Feng Jingyuan trading company, Anhui Qijia daily chemical Limited liability company sued the Haidian court, and claims 100 thousand yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, Haidian court has accepted the copyright dispute.

The plaintiff claimed that the copyright owner of the "QQ penguin" series of works of art, in June 20, 2001, was registered in the Copyright Bureau of Guangdong Province, and the registration certificate was issued in

. January 12, 2006, was also identified as a well-known trademark in Guangdong Province, in April 2009 by the State Administration for Industry and commerce as well-known trademarks. Tencent Inc said, because the defendant the defendant, two sales by the three production of "chicken" washing powder, use the work of the plaintiff, which damages the legitimate interests of the plaintiff, it is taken to the Haidian court, asked the defendant to the production and sale of "chicken" washing powder immediately stop the infringement and compensation for their economic losses and 100 thousand yuan rights fee. Currently, the case is under further investigation.