Diamond diamond shop started the second round of $100 million injection

following last year’s capital of $5 million in the first round of capital injection, diamond bird recently announced the acquisition of LIAN source, today’s capital of a total of $100 million in the second round of injection. Xu Lei and Xu Xiao brothers and sisters apparently quite satisfied with such a business upgrade.

2007, diamond bird network sales exceeded 100 million yuan, half a year turned over to fold up to one year, 7 times the sales performance of the current low profile cautious venture capital market to bring new investment opportunities in the market. Responsible person told reporters yesterday diamond bird brand department, 100 million yuan of financing will be used for the construction of national experience store, the diamond bird is in 2 months, a rate of expansion to the nation, expected by the end of the year will reach 12, and will cover all the large city in the next two years.

shop started

Xu Xiaoyi started on eBay jewelry business, one day she suddenly thought of her brother, Xu Lei graduated from the Tongji University in jewelry professional, was already a successful jewelry supplier, his diamond wholesale company purchase channels, why not have a try in the online sales of


so in July 2002, Xu Xiao in his shop posted some photos of the diamond, became the first in the online sales of diamond merchants.

diamond bird in 2004 by virtue of the 100% won the "best seller eBay reputation" title. However, more than a year of online sales to Xu brothers and sisters feel that although they are cheap 50% of the price and honesty and quality of the diamond to attract a lot of customers, but a considerable number of customers are still hesitant. Thus, in October 2004, the diamond experience center line came into being. Xu brothers and sisters did not expect is that such an area of less than 20 square meters of experience center, not only to make their monthly sales easy to turn over five times, but also from the leading diamond bird into the high-speed development period.

"mouse + cement" mode

"traditional channels of diamond sales cash flow pressure is too large, the turnover rate is slow, it is difficult to fast development, but the" mouse + cement "model, asset light pressure, and can quickly contact the network population, combined with insufficient experience store can complement the line, easy to become bigger and stronger." The above said.

at present, similar to diamond bird, nine diamond network and other emerging sales channels are accelerating the original market belongs to traditional businesses, their imitation is already listed Blue Nile (BlueNile.com). This year, the NASDAQ listed jewelry website sales reached $450 million, accounting for about 10% of the U.S. online jewelry market, accounting for traditional sales of 0.5% to 1%.

China venture capital institutions obviously see the selling point, have new network diamond sellers "generous". At the beginning of this year, nine drill with the United States KPCB, Qiming, Zero2IPO group, RAPAPORT four companies reached a financing agreement, the big four > 1000