Maxthon browser video advertising fast forward angered the excellent soil Maxthon CEO micro-blog dry

information times (reporter Pan Jingwen) to see the video free, but need to see a certain advertising, which is currently the rules of the domestic video site operation. Maxthon recently declared that the use of the latest version of the browser can skip the website advertising. The video before commercials is the lifeline of video website, so Maxthon sparking strong dissatisfaction with the major video sites.

said the video Maxthon advertising free

"to 60 second ad say no. Watch the video, do not wait! "Overnight, including Guangzhou, a number of major domestic city building elevator was attached to the advertising framework Maxthon browser. The advertising claims, the latest version of Maxthon browser flagship "fast" function, the user can skip the web video content patch advertising.

, of course, the user is willing to shield the video ads, but this practice will undermine the entire industry ecosystem, the ultimate result is no video for all to see." A video site responsible person said, this behavior is a violation of the Ministry Decree No. 20. He believes that the aim is to hype maxthon.

video site had won the auction advertising lawsuit

"advertising is the main way to profit video sites. If you really do not want to see Internet users can buy VIP services, the price is only 160 yuan per year." Youku, a person in charge said so.

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Youku potatoes group public relations department also said that at present, Maxthon has invested a lot of advertising on the Internet and outdoor media, guide users to use, in violation of the Ministry Decree No. 20 of fifth, already belongs to the malicious behavior.

it is understood that, after another browser provider cheetah cheetah browser shielding Youku video ads, and Youku to court, and ultimately ended in youku.


said the non single website for

in the face of the furore, Maxthon founder and CEO Chen Mingjie sun from a number of video sites warning messages and a lawyer’s letter on micro-blog. Chen Mingjie said, Maxthon has consulted legal experts, not for a single site, it is not stiff deprived video website advertising revenue opportunities, but the option to return to the user, allowing the user to choose.

IT industry legal expert Zhao Zhanling said, if the browser behavior is a specific site or have obvious relevance, there is the risk of offending; but if there is no specific website or any induced behavior, completely by the user to choose, there is no legal basis for judging whether or not it is illegal.

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