ntellectual Property Day storm continued everyone announced the temporary closure of film and telev

[introduction] the temporary closure of all television or network seizure spread.

everyone in the film websites (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Luo Song) April 26th news, World Intellectual Property Day Internet controversy, after the domestic well-known Forum Network HD was banned, everyone in the film at noon today also announced the temporary closure of the site.

everyone in the film is the well-known video site drama and film subtitling and download, the official did not show off, has not announced the reopening of the subsequent time. Currently landing site, you can see the official guide to other resource sharing site.

this time everyone is temporarily closed or blocked by the idea network. The largest digital high-definition network known as the China idea portal website, has been established for 10 years, the number of members is to reach more than 140. After months of investigation, the Beijing cultural law enforcement corps joint police action on the day before, the site of CEO Zhou et al arrested on charges of alleged infringement of intellectual property rights.

addition, the well-known third party Kindle e-book sharing channels love to see beans this morning announced the closure. Love beans the official account of the micro Bo said: "Remember.Let go.Move on. I will miss it more than I can ever say. 2012.01-2013.04". Official channels show that love beans in January 2012 on the line, the current month PV (page access) 8 million, registered users of 200 thousand.

love beans this morning also announced the closure (Tencent technology plan)

today (April 26th) is the "World Intellectual Property Day", the establishment of the World Intellectual Property Day worldwide have a respect for knowledge, advocating science and protection of intellectual property rights awareness, create encourage knowledge innovation and protection of intellectual property legal environment