The significance and scheme of network news to enterprises

on the Internet in the global scope of the rapid development of modern network media, appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, emerge in an endless stream; the network news has become more and more enterprise publicity; especially in some large and medium-sized enterprises, to the network news, by speculation the incident rate, basically has reached the point of publicity will. At the same time, to enhance the dissemination of network news on the enterprise’s brand, in some areas, not inferior to television advertising advantage, in the face of young people, to be clear.

interpretation of Wang Laoji donated one hundred million yuan to do news marketing

Wang Laoji’s case was 08 years ago, but now it is still a classic network news hype, CCTV host "devotion of love" after Wang Laoji like earthquake donations one hundred million yuan, a "ban" Wang Laoji post fame in the network, the major portals and forums can see "let Wang Laoji disappeared from the shelves of China! Kill it!" the post, the intention is to let people buy the supermarket Wang Laoji, of course, who is the "friends", it is worth taking the vertebra.

from this Wang Laoji thing, let us see the portal and forum the charm, this is also a lot of network practitioners, are on the portal news contribution, the importance of network news, once discovered, by sublimation.

network news advantage

1 aging strong

The update cycle of

network news most quickly by the seconds, not only the source of information widely, and it can make timely updates, if the enterprise has not less manpower, can make the communication way to every corner of the Internet, and a good network news, his self propagation. Can save a lot of cost for the enterprise, including labor cost, cost of capital.

2 efficient form and interactive form

Compared with the traditional

network news news, with more comprehensive including: text, pictures, video and other many forms can be used, make the enterprise more news appeal and influence. Especially in the community, more timely understanding of the customer’s intentions, intentions, and timely discovery of what they have done to achieve the effect of enterprise satisfaction.

3 massive amount of information

is different from the traditional news media, to convey the intent is limited, even with seconds to calculate the transmission of network news, to a certain extent, can be said to be the mass communication theory, the relevant personnel of the enterprise, enough, can be extended enterprise unlimited Internet news.

use of online news to quickly enhance the corporate image

after all the advantages of the network news, how to use the network news, was the most important issue, here are some personal opinion, hope you can criticize.

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