The art of what the brand copy see copy the soul are burning

copy dog, come to live! It’s time to show you the real ability!


this time you have to serve the customer is a number of literary and artistic temperament of the brand. Of course, the customer’s request is still very simple, in line with the tonality of its literature on the line, to the point of innovation, not always those routines.

copywriter, it’s time to turn Superman into a perfect copy! Your first one million might be coming!


crackling burst busy, the dogs have to hand over the job.

plum flowers full of curiosity to see the job, find people gaps so big! One million do not ah? The first one million does not earn ah?! of course, in addition, there are also several examples to enhance the ability of the copy, Mei flower to share with you.


art wind, how to write a copy?

the copy would write:

XXX, the gathering place of literature and art youth.

while young, while the dream is still here, I am waiting for you.

and a group of copy, this reflects the brand’s literature and Art:

Part 1 MAJI bazaar

Each of the

MAJI market in Taiwan all weekend will farmers growers in this stall, inexplicable a simple feeling. The following is the MAJI market, a company called " Shennong market " shop; this is their kitchen window.


every 35 days we get nutrients from the diet,

and provide new cells for skin metabolism and body building.

so you eat the food,

is your health.


people eat, eating reflect health status and living environment of a person.


no good farmers, no good food.

Part 2 Muji MUJI


Muji found these had been forgotten, or people will fade out life items, let them keep the original affinity, re appeared in the world’s eyes in the form of FoundMUJI, the copy is also full of wind.