On the development of membership card

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group (group 4310205) and we talked about a lot to write some feelings, the group purchase website has its own membership card, this is no doubt. But the membership card function and whether it should charge is all the more controversial place. Here the first said the group purchase site issuing membership card benefits expand the influence of the site, play an advocacy role. This is recognized by all, this website is a propaganda film; online to an extension of reality, with the membership card can enjoy some special treatment; membership card is not subject to the time limit prescribed by the group purchase, the card can go directly to the consumer

but if the fees? Many people oppose, but I am in favor of the charges. A card cost is very low, so people do not want to charge, as a promotional single kind of distributed free of charge to the user, and to distribute more, hope this can play a very good publicity effect.

but really can have such an effect? Don’t cheap money card, like the street distributed leaflets, you will treasure it, you may even see? Many people may apply for a few of the more like a swarm of bees photos of it. And if we charge a fee only a few, such as 10 yuan, then at least the member will cherish this card, if the card can with good site links, the effect will be better, such as card consumption points, the optimistic about their own membership card, and is willing to put the card to others without card consumption. People will want to apply for one. It can also play a role in a certain threshold, can cut off some of the cards do not take consumption heat. The important role of issuing, quality rather than quantity.

of course, do group purchase activities, the scene can be free to send the card, because this is an activity, activity certainly has reason to free myself, ha ha, this can also be a preferential highlights, to attract members to participate. Fill the card when must receive fee & " quot; Oh, ha ha but also talked about a little, how the statistics to the consumer behavior between members and businesses, my idea is to provide business post, membership card consumption, on the next write articles in the discussion, what a good idea, welcome to discuss research community, group purchase (www.lencity.cn) qq:

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