Seven ways to quickly promote new sites to share

after one month, the station has been included in Google and Baidu, created keywords but also have a good ranking! Feel a little joy, for the novice to me, this is undoubtedly good news! This I summarize the following points:

a home page style

different sites should have no style. Reasonable structure; color matching, color effects, etc.. For example, my site is a corporate website, stock type, so the choice of red color, in the stock is a signal to buy, customers prefer. Followed by the structure, we belong to the type of software download, so the structure is simple, there is not a lot of news entertainment type!

two set keywords

good keywords are the main source of your customers. I do not recommend popular keywords, because the competition is too large for the station, will not bring good rankings and flow. Therefore, it is recommended to set their own keywords must be in accordance with the customer’s search habits to set.

, for example, most people want to search for a good stock system, will search the stock software "stock software" stock software download "free stock software" easy to use…… "Professional points will be searched according to known software. Like the golden split trading system and so on!

keyword can be a word, can also be a few words, can also be the long tail keywords, but the core keywords in the first place, in order to place!

three rich content

content of the rich, it is best to be original, but not necessarily a good reading, just need to be original, of course, the readability of the article better. In the absence of the original can be considered, CTRL+C and CTRL+V, so that the search engine is very annoying thing, but you can fake original. Do not use the tool in the process, it is best to do it yourself, because the tool will make the continuity of the article was destroyed." The "pseudo" too, "is not too good. The copy of the best is authoritative, very good article. It can also be something that has never appeared. If you are lazy, then at least the title you want to modify it!

four optimized website

website internal links, anchor text, pictures, etc. to set, do not have what typos, punctuation at the beginning, the statement unsmooth low-level mistakes. The article to have relevance, and the title of the key word, the site map, etc.. Search engine, Google and Baidu optimization. Baidu focus on content, the optimization of the Google golden triangle is not much introduced here!

five submission website

after repeated testing, testing, feel no problem, then it is time to submit your site. Submit the address of the site, in the webmaster nets to find it! Avoid duplication submit!

six comprehensive promotion

1, blog marketing