Understand how to talk about how to do business and micro business interviews

Pengfei: what is the most important part of doing business interviews


understand: absolutely first-class products, this is the key in the key. The object of your interview, first of all must be to make real entrepreneurial achievements, can withstand the scrutiny of a person. Then you’d listen to each other. The only criterion you choose is that he is a "create".

Peng Fei: so what’s the first step to start interviewing?

cattle: the first step is to break the ice, people and people, the most critical first step is to break the ice. Take a simple example: flirt first and then go to bed. This is your love I would like men and women love, will burst out of the real love spark. Come up with a camera to shoot, it is not called the interview, it is called rape dialogue. Results can be imagined.

Peng Fei: see, I thought the interview must be aimed at the camera, two people sit down, holding pieces of paper, this is the interview.

understand: completely wrong. Each person in front of the camera, there will be more or less nervous. With a sense of tension, there will be camouflage, filtering, self-protection. What you say in your mouth, you change your taste. Your interview is a fake, false, untrue interview.

Peng Fei: how to invite a guest, do not know the circumstances, to make a phone call, or direct visit can be


understand: this almost will refuse you. People and people need to have a middle bridge. For example, you very well about me, because you are the first ruby graduate students. I know too much friendship and jonathan. You first call and Jonathan, and Jonathan called me, and I didn’t know you. The role of the middleman is indispensable.

Pengfei: do poineering record, is to see who make more money, who went to interview


understand: a robber, robbed a lot of money, but also very rich, you can interview it, so be sure to interview those real entrepreneurs, and he is doing a legitimate, long-term career. Do not take the bluff and deceive, run business.

you have to write a story about a famous person. Even if a person you hate him, but you think about it, a person can be known to all, the reason why?. You’re just a neutral, not a referee, you’re just a questioner.


ghostwriter Han Han, chief reporter of the southern weekend, to interview Han Han, Han Han by his point of view, to ask questions, and to Fang’s point of view, ask some questions. Then, in the end, he didn’t agree, but everyone found his answer. This is the master.

write articles, the most important point is the contradiction and conflict. Interview with Yang Lan, is in the process of creating contradictions and conflicts. Interview Zhao Benshan