Baidu credibility V certification process, why Baidu credibility V certification

looked at some of the posts on the Internet, the credibility of the V certification for Baidu opinions vary, each hold different views.

webmaster friends said:

Baidu this is to make money, engage in compulsory fees, pay 600 yuan will be certified!

how do you feel is a new way to make money?

bundled mandatory charges, mainly high fees unreasonable increase the burden on enterprises

Baidu of such little pit Oh, pay on the credibility of "

"Baidu continue running, no ground for blame, expand business."

"if this certification becomes a trend, it is before the."

"spent money can buy to recognize the credibility of certification, is the credibility of it?"

"pit Dad! That got that security alliance with Mao!"

useless, disguised to make money just

"new business, selling credibility"

had to say that money can buy the credibility of certification. Leaving its essence. When to have a personal certification. Not all into micro-blog

marketing it

More than

comments are from: Moonlight blog, Lu Songsong blog, A5 webmaster network, Baidu reputation V reputation evaluation, seowhy.

these blogs are webmasters and search engine optimization personnel concerned about the high rate of the site, the domestic more well-known webmaster blog, bbs. Can write these comments, you may not really understand Baidu plus V certification. Baidu plus V certification is the first enterprise website, or behind the site is the enterprise in the operation, there are related business license, organization code certificate, the site of the real record, etc.. There are a lot of industry is to limit the industry, can not be certified. Not to say that the money can be certified.

is the second Baidu certification is different from other platforms with certification, certified V website is in the Baidu search engine to show more! Now Baidu search page appears on the right side of the "rest assured search, there are V protection blue boxes, this is in all prompted by the Baidu search engine is search the Internet, prompting users click with V site more secure. Internet users, users will be prompted, just click on the site with V. Can bring a large part of the site targeted customers.

what guarantee: if users traded on a website with a V, when the property loss can appeal to Baidu, Baidu has a security system, compensation to users losses, this is also why the charges.

if you are an insurance company, can you make a free insurance for 1 billion 200 million of the Chinese people? Do you have a free policy?

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