Website promotion of the link skills

links, is the beginning of the friendship and the identity of the recommended show to everyone. With the gradual thickening of the commercial atmosphere and the development of the Internet, and slowly evolved into a valuable resource.

because of the exchange of links this work is not very important; so the people engaged in this work on the exchange of links is not high awareness. From the point of view of managers: speaking of the cost is too high, the effect is not good, so that they recognize that PR is the most simple and effective. That’s why today when it comes to exchange links, most people talk to you about PR. And these people are affected by the SEO.

actually, from the SEO point of view. Good links should be the following links:

first, home page.

second, the other side of the site each page has your links.

third, search industry keywords in the forefront of those sites link.

fourth, public welfare, government, institutions, non-commercial websites.

fifth, the other site links less.

sixth, site ten thousand.

seventh, links need to use SEO keyword.

more than a few points need to pay attention to:

first, the search engine included this is a necessary condition.

second, the site’s home page links can not be embedded. Move the mouse to the other side of your site, click the right click on the property. If the property is not your web site, indicating that the link is not home page links, not much value.

third, site do not site top-level domain name, but site and you exchange this address.

from the perspective of advertising, brand and influence. We should choose the following aspects:

first, use the LOGO link

second, the use of a unified external website name

third, in the same industry leader left the footprints on the site.

fourth, with the industry to do more links, the impact of a wide range of sensory impact is only big.

fifth, in the influence of some of the sites with the industry, their own Links color.

sixth, in the local netizens website links for having heard it many times.

more than a few points need to pay attention to:

first, the use of the name of the best is a unique statement, not to use the common phrase.

second, LOGO pixels must be high, described as a brief word of the slogan and unified.

third, the need for your work efficiency, the third, the fourth and the need for you to negotiate the ability of fifth