The company known as the mobile industry Google recently financing $72 million valuation of $700 mil

Tencent science and technology news, according to foreign media reports, the rapid popularity of GIF moving picture attracted the attention of venture capitalists. Known as the "GIF Google (micro-blog)" dynamic graph search engine Giphy, the day before the $600 million valuation, from Draper Fisher Jurvetson Institutional Venture, Vc firm Partners and Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Fund (China Media Capital) and other companies to raise funds to $72 million.


Giphy previous investors include Lightspeed Venture Partners and’s Google venture capital. Sources said that after the introduction of a new round of funding, Giphy fund-raising has risen to about $150 million, valued at about $600 million. The company, based in New York, was valued at around $300 million in February.

The role of

Giphy is like a GIF motion picture factory, allowing users to search and share the major sites, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and other instant messaging applications in the calculation of the one billion figure. This start-up company to make investors feel excited, because it just announced last week: Giphy’s daily active users have more than 100 million people visit the daily GIF charts more than 1 billion.

Giphy but also on how to build the business is also facing challenges. The company has yet to figure out how to generate revenue, and there is not a lot of GIF motion picture copyright, nor the establishment of exclusive partnership. Draper Fisher Jurvetson partner Barry (Barry Schuler), said, we believe that GIF is expected to become the trend of consumers in the form of ·, it will be very important for advertisers."

fast image format GIF 30 years, in fact, the Internet is the first popular image format. Giphy was founded by CEO Alex · Chung (bell Alex) and · (Jace Cooke) was founded in 2013. As the GIF dynamic graph search engine, Giphy online soon after the popular.

currently has about 75 employees of Giphy, which has improved the search empathy, and its integration with a number of instant messaging services, and the development of a live video through the automatic production of GIF technology. Adam, chief operating officer of ·, Giphy (Adam Leibsohn), said, "we have the ability to create a film in a matter of seconds."

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