Advertising implants must be ray or who can remember who you are!

recently had a lot of shocking insertedadvertisements screenshots circulated in the old nine door Eastroc drink ah, "W two" in the world of…… So today is to check whether those ads trick rolling.


act: Metersbonwe

a few years ago, ray drama "to see the meteor (sulfuric acid) rain"

hostess Chu set is a poor child,

was taken to Metersbonwe to buy clothes,

then got the following lines.



was not really into


I’m not saying that Zheng Shuang’s not acting anymore.

why a civilian brand to engage in such force.

users comments as usual funny.



is the most ancient city

: 58

attention to TV 58 city ancient implantation,

from "Gu Jian",


to the "sword" Yun Zhifan,


to "Zhu Xian Zhi" Qingyun


you don’t see any change in the flag,

I think Yao Jinbo must like to see the costume drama,

or else 58 ye so like to cast costume drama?

most forcibly play: xiangpiaopiao

is the Chu, the house is open tea shop.

boyfriend Murong clouds to give her an apology,

to her family threatened to drink 20 cups of tea brand, to forgive him to stop.

see when I have to laugh and cry,

forced to add drama to customers.

if you want to put in a chemical fertilizer, do you drink any chemical fertilizer?

want to put a brick on the brick?




and the first episode of Ode to joy,

two live in the first tier cities, said the little girl to celebrate,

drink tea to eat dumplings what.

feeling should be