B station spin off the company’s tourism business and the implementation of independent financing th

Abstract: B station is not only now started to do tourism business, B station is not the first to do two dimensional theme travel.


has always been a low profile on the commercialization of the B station, it is publicly advertised financing plan.

May 20th, the largest youth fashion culture and entertainment community BiliBili announced that the original Beijing branch of tourism sub brand bilibiliyoo will split into an independent company, the new company was renamed "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Milky Way and independent development of financing, BiliBili will continue to support the new company as a shareholder. Former head of the Department of tourism BiliBili Fu Jingnan will serve as the new company CEO.

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from B station news release, in either the IDG or B station are Tencent shares, foreign commercial concerns that carefully conceal mentioning, rejection of the two dimension fans rally. But this time, I am afraid it is not clear at this time to attract the market and the management of the question.

top big shake the news spread on the occasion of the raise a Babel of criticism of A station, B station staff also claimed the Internet claimed that B station of Beijing branch were all laid off, the Department had been cut down. B station overnight PR delete posts, more financing to clarify the rumors published epoch-making news.

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release, B station or stressed that "everything is the flavor of the original, the original service", to users loyalty: even if holding a "two dimension" to do business we are your buddy


B station to do tourism business, and this fly it?

B station is not only now started to do tourism business, B station is not the first to do two dimensional theme travel.

in early November 2014, B launched in Japan station customized travel products, users to two yuan to buy the holy land to the Holy Land pilgrimage around Akihabara, etc.. In earlier 2004, the magazine "ACG information" on cooperation with the animation traders brigade launched two dimensional theme tour to Japan, this activity is still carried out every year.

a lot of people may think that the two dimensional enthusiasts is dead house, do not want to go out. However, these dead homes are not reluctant to go out, just look at where to go, or how to explain each time Comicup (China’s largest exhibition of people) queuing phenomenon in the evening?

Japan Kamakura coastline because become one of the most famous dunk master of the two dimension of the holy land, the OP in cherry wood and Haruko greeting pictures from Kamakura station, there are tourists came off camera every day. EVA in the third new Tokyo city is the Japanese Spa Resort in Hakone, the Odakyu electric railway station in Hakone, there are signs the Evangelion et al. Even in China, in August last year, tomb notes in "about ten years" plot to attract a large number of fans to go to Changbai Mountain to meet the little brother, leads to the hotel full of scenic spots in Changbai Mountain and even issued a special pre > people