News soft Wen promotion should be how to send soft

a good news enterprises can be more accurate to publicize the message spread by means of market promotion, better play the brand stickiness and thickness, how to do marketing news

1, news planning: planning and writing press releases in the press release for first place in the process, must not be false original, the content must be soft, make the target customers more easily accepted, news content is the key to achieve the best effect of the latter can be extended, so be sure to find a professional person to write. Recommend the use of Bo news soft web writing soft features and publish.

2, press release media: media selection is crucial, release brought by web portal and personal station group promotion effect is certainly not the same, so the press release must be a large network based portal, so as to bring a better promotion effect to the enterprise.

3, press release platform selection: publishing news platform is nothing more than the choice of the two:

(1). His contact media editor of time, relatively trouble, do not take the relationship generally difficult to see the release, especially strong advertising is more difficult to release, the majority will be directly bidiao

website editor

(2). For the general on behalf of the platform, on behalf of the company have a special channel for concern, audit mostly take the form of it, basically not prohibited content, whether the content is reasonable or not can be released, than their contact media and save a lot of trouble, recommend the use of "Bo Yang soft news network", the news release function to release it in at self-service technology (micro signal: softweibo, Sina micro-blog @ at an accurate interactive marketing) a one-stop marketing platform (http// of soft news press

summary: to determine whether to promote the success of a soft text, should be concerned about this article is how much the soft flow. A soft text to send people in the place where there are many readers, this is the same truth, so choose to send a soft text on the portal to become the first choice for many people.