Marketing blind spots enterprises can not be ignored in a few small things

marketing from small, every enterprise will try to improve their sales and pay attention to your marketing, but everything is not absolute, many enterprises will have some marketing blind spots, which for the development of enterprises is not a good signal, for enterprises to pay attention to the marketing of blind spots, customer service marketing of blind spots, so that enterprises can go further.

misunderstanding: long live marketing, marketing universal

marketing in the first place in a few enterprises, will be placed in the position of enterprise marketing emperor but not in the minority, and that is the universal marketing enterprise is the first of these enterprises beyond count, triggering a misunderstanding, they think that marketing is too important, seems to be more important than our own enterprise the product, and obviously, this idea is very wrong, once a friend opened a Hot pot shop, to tell the truth, Hot pot really not good, but this guy is really very novel way of marketing, in order to attract a lot of customers, but the arrival of the customer did not say delicious, and in order to make up for the cost of marketing, but let Hot pot are more expensive, so it will cause worse reputation, such an example proved that marketing is not a panacea, but the wrong marketing will only allow customers to pay, do And let the operating costs of enterprises increased more invisible. So for all business operators, marketing is not a panacea, marketing is just a tool for the development of enterprise services, to bring more benefits to the enterprise.

error two: excessive marketing will be able to bring benefits

here are some companies do not understand the excessive marketing situation, constantly marketing in the first place, excessive publicity through various media, let consumers feel very headache, but a lot of people will feel that melatonin is excessive publicity, but in fact it is a marketing model, one of his catchy advertisements for many people remember, and a lot of enterprise marketing is superficial, point to namely stop, consumers do not have a detailed understanding of the product marketing opportunity, then the failure is also marketing is meaningless, so not only for enterprises to improve their marketing efficiency, need change their marketing strategy let the marketing content can really go into the minds of consumers.

error three: low cost marketing is not spending money

many companies will feel low cost marketing is not money, but obviously this is completely completely wrong, low cost at least also has a cost, so all marketers should at least consumption of electricity and water services. This is not the cost? So you marketing through the low cost marketing must pay attention to, the place to spend money or money, and do not spend money to please a writer cannot write an article not to spend money to find a slightly will write gunmen, so that it will bring more benefits for their own marketing. For enterprises, we must figure out what is a low-cost marketing, what is marketing, through the right and appropriate means to enhance their marketing standards, the real benefit to consumers.