How does a WeChat subscriber number 5 million run

in August last year, WeChat account is divided into public subscription number and service number, from then on, I will apply, "share" the nickname the micro signal, it was very clear what you want to do a WeChat subscription number, then the micro signal changed to "Rshare" (micro signal can only be changed once, so be careful. ), before changing the number must be good, the positioning of the micro signal, in the future to use it to publish what kind of content. Before applying for subscription number, I did not expect the future of WeChat subscription number of earnings, but I do not worry that their hard work will be wasted. Because I know very well, as long as your subscription number is more concerned about, you have a lot of fans, the future will certainly bring you benefits. Like micro-blog, you are large, your number is enough fans, businesses will naturally find home. Micro signal is the same reason.

so, for a new one, how to make more people attention? First positioning your micro signal is very important, what people will pay attention to you, who will become your fans? I said at the beginning of the article, WeChat positioning is very important, so, if you want to develop female users, then your account name should be on the women, such as women, women like the boudoir secret, of course you publish content is about the female aspect, such as cosmetics, clothing, beauty from the aspects of thin body. Your days after profits and more clearly. If you want to do an industry subscription number, such as accounting, you release the contents of nature is to you about accounting, days after profits, is likely to be cooperative and accounting training institutions or other accounting website. Of course, you can also do some life comprehensive subscription number, such as my "share", after the profits will be more miscellaneous point, not as for what kind of users, not limited to men or women.

know your subscription number, nature is the second published articles, I have already said, what is your type of subscription, issued what types of content, at the end of the article or, remember to bring your own WeChat information, for example: if you love this article, please share to friends, you want to get more information, please pay attention to me. The information and so on, you can write more tactfully point of course, not as abruptly as advertising.

article also released, WeChat does not have a fan, show who to see, who help us to share the circle of friends. Therefore, we need to find the user, where to find the user, this part is what I want to say today, how to subscribe to the number of marketing, so that more users concerned about you.

1, looking for some public number WeChat navigation platform, their subscription number added, this step is the same as when we do website optimization, website submitted to the DMOZ directory.

2, if you have a micro-blog large, can also help micro-blog large push WeChat platform, of course not also never mind, can call other micro-blog on behalf of WeChat.