Wedding discipline to complete a new round of electricity providers to sell 3 of the financial servi

was informed that a one-stop wedding preparation platform wedding discipline has recently completed a new round of financing, but the specific amount and the management has not yet announced. Wedding Ji team located in Hangzhou, won the angel round of investment fund pine several million yuan in July 2013, August 2014 Andrew peak investment (Vertex) millions of dollars A round of investment in April 2015, obtained by Jingwei venture capital lead investor B round of investment of tens of millions of dollars.


started from a simple wedding recording tool, the wedding ceremony spent two and a half years of time and change for a run through the entire transaction closed loop one-stop wedding preparation platform. We had an interview at the end of last year on the new version of the wedding ceremony. To sum up, changes can be roughly divided into two areas.

first, involved in the wedding link continues to expand. After the wedding, wedding photography, wedding planning, wedding car rental and other aspects of the wedding discipline and on-line marriage products business forum, will cover the category expanded to buy candy, invitations and other services.

wedding goods procurement is still in the form of the use of the type of Taobao merchants settled form. But in order to purchase cost saving new online, wedding Ji operation team will be based on the existing indicators of user evaluation, effect of physical commodities businesses to conduct a preliminary screening, integrate past relatively dispersed supply market.

so far, a total of 20 thousand + platform includes settled merchants, customer price according to service category, but basically maintained in the middle grades, such as wedding photography fold in 8 thousand to about 10 thousand, wedding goods sold off the price of 300+.

at the same time, product form has changed. Open the wedding discipline app can be seen, the home page to restore the form of the Feed stream, the use of the merchant UGC editing, cross platform audit released after the way to do a special content recommendation.

In addition,

global travel this service has been pushed to the home of the most prominent position. It is easy to understand why, now more and more young people began to be interested in this shot in tourism and the form of wedding discipline is conform to the trend, they want to explore more new interesting shooting point in the future.

before we and Yu Zhe’s question and answer, there is a question about the wedding will not be a vertical class electricity supplier website, the question:

, the founder of Yu Zhe’s answer is: Yes, is the electricity supplier, if Taobao is electricity supplier 2, we are the 3. They sell goods, we sell services. Our transaction has a strong interactive relationship, long decision-making, but it is just needed services. Wedding discipline acts as a subsidiary of the decision-making process, the value of the platform through the impact of consumer decision-making, which is a social electricity supplier."